TPSR is racing a full season mirroring the Nascar Sprint Cup schedule. Our races are 50% the length of theirs with fuel usage set to 2x and damage at 50%. The races are fixed setup in an attempt at leveling the field and providing stable setups for good fender to fender racing. We race on Saturday nights when Nascar Cup is racing on Sundays but when they race on Saturday night we race on Friday night so keep an eye on the schedule.
We are an open door league meaning you dont have to be a member here at TPSR to race. Anyone who shows up on race night and can be in ts 30 minutes before the race AND show good car control you can race. In the case we have more than 30 cars show up to race drivers will have to qualify their way in. Top 30 Q times race. Drivers meeting will be held on ts before qualifying covering the rules and conditions for the track.
Drivers, get those poles and wins so you will be eligible for the 2015 TPSR Shootout and Allstar races.