TRADIN PAINT SIM RCING RULES

1. Respect your fellow drivers!

2. Drivers must be on team speak 30 minutes prior to qualifying.

3. No Flaming, if you have a problem with another driver handle it in private after the race, not on the track.

4. NO CHAT AT ALL during qualifying.

5. Exit pits on the back stretch at all tracks that allow. Exceptions to this are Pocono, Indianapolis, Sonoma, and Watkins Glen.

6. QUALIFYING~With only 30 cars allowed to race in the cup series and 25 in the national and truck series drivers 
will have to qualify their way in on time if we have more drivers than the field allows.

7. POINTS~We use the Nascar points system. We have our chase open up to 12 drivers plus 2 wildcards for most wins 
and most race starts giving 14 drivers a chance at the championship. Also our points system will add last place points 
-1 for all races for any driver entering the system. These 2 things combined makes it very possible for a driver to 
start mid season and race his way into the chase and win the championship.

8. RACE DATES~We will race on Saturday nights with qualifying at 10est with the exception of the weekends that 
Nascar races on Saturday night. On those weekends we will race on Friday night with qualifying being at 10est. There 
is a schedule, calendar, and upcoming race section at our website to help keep drivers up to date on race nights. Server will be set to start race in late evening with the lights coming on shortly after the start of the race.

9. RACE CONDITIONS~ We race the same schedule that theNASCAR Sprint Cup Series. We run 50% of their race 
length. Tire wear is normal with fuel usage at 2x and damage at 50%. Flag rules full with double file re-starts( lead 
cars outside line/lap cars inside line. Lucky dog is given to the first car a lap down until within 10 laps to go, at that 
time we go single file re-starts with no lucky dog. 

10. PENALTIES~ The only penalty we hand out is asking the driver that caused the caution to roll thru the pits on the second caution lap to  put himself to the rear for the re-start. As far as the game penalties whatever happens happens. We do not clear penalties so if you get one just serve it and consider it bad luck.

11. RE-STARTS~ We try to mirror the Nascar Sprint cup rules everywhere the game software will allow us. With that being said like in nascar the leader starts the race here. 2nd place CANNOT pass the leader on the outside before the line, the leader is to cross the start line first even if by thousands of a second. If the 2nd place car should get ahead of the leader before the line it is his responsibility to give the position back before or in turn 1 and 2.